Victories for animals and for nature!

Two important things happened this week in the news.


Yesterday in Holland, the animal rights party, Partij voor de Dieren, won 5 seats in the legislative elections, 3 more than before. At the same time, the green party made a dramatic breakthrough from four to sixteen seats. It should be noted that the turnout for these elections was particularly high, reaching 77.6%.

There is no fatality to the rise of populist movements. We must remain mobilised to defend what we believe in. Every voice counts!




The second event took place in New Zealand.

The Whanganui, the third longest river in the country, was recognised as a living entity and has been endowed with a “legal personality, with all rights and duties attached”.

The Minister of Justice explains: “The new legislation is a recognition of the deeply spiritual connection between the iwi (tribe) Whanganui and its ancestral river. ” It’s a world first and it feels me with joy and hope.

Animals and nature are living entities with which humans must live in symbiosis.

A day will come when humans will think about biodiversity no longer as predator but alter ego and that day everything will be better on this planet!