Vegan Valentine’s day: Gifts for her!


February 14th is the day of romance. Gentlemen, don’t even try to resist the lure of this commercial occasion, you will regret it. This is an opportunity to tell her you love her and to reinforce your declaration with some little vegan gifts. She is waiting for the grand gesture.

No, I’m not writing to my husband, however, all the little gifts mentioned in this post have been carefully chosen, so my honey, if you are short of ideas, don’t hesitate to take some from here. I have tried to stay reasonable in terms of cost… as far as possible.


To start, I would like to recommend an iPhone case. Obviously, this assumes that your beloved is already well-equipped with a mobile phone. So, because you are both vegans and you support the cause, may I suggest an amusing I-phone case with a vegan slogan. Their price is affordable, under £20.00 and the choice is endless. Redbubble and Cafepress are both online stores with a broad range of cases for vegans. Simply choose your preferred one. For an executive woman, an iPad sleeve in faux-leather would be perfect. Matt&Nat in this case would be a more appropriate brand with classic models in neutral faux-leather colours around £30.00.

Secondly, and because Winter is not yet gone, I strongly recommend you make the most of the end of Winter sales by purchasing hats and scarves. Your beloved would still appreciate warming up. I have seen that The Third Estate in Camden stocks cotton and acrylic hats from Austrian brands for less than £24.00. A good investment to make! To shop beautiful scarves, you need to go to non-vegan brands like MaxMara and Missoni. Both brands have scarves suitable for vegans in smooth and coloured fabrics….£75 for MaxMara and £135.00 for Missoni.

Other good basics to have in a woman’s wardrobe are belts. A woman is completely different from a man. They need several belts in different sizes and colours to finish their outfits. Belts are like bags. One is never enough. Vegetarian shoes proposes some classic and cost-effective models (around £20.00) available online or  distributed by The Third Estate. However, if I may, and if you agree to double the budget, the most beautiful vegan belts to date are those from Noah.  This brand also designs trendy, super soft and stretch gloves made of polyamide. But hurry up if you want your gifts to be delivered on time!

My final suggestion for her is a little purse or bag, a special one, red with plenty of hearts to celebrate this special occasion. In particular, I love the small heart-print faux leather pouch by Victoria Beckham, so cute and so expensive (£240.00)! Only if you can afford it! Otherwise, the red wallet by Gunas with a 24K gold plated heart lock at £50.00 would be perfect.

So guys, ready to shop? Don’t worry, my next post will be on Valentine’s gifts for him. If you have any suggestions on what you want, there’s still time!