vegan shoe envy with Po-Zu

If you are looking for summer shoes you should visit Po-Zu’s website. Designer Sven Segal is working in association with advocate of slow fashion Safia Minney on a beautiful spring summer collection of shoes. Everything is thought in terms of comfort, ethics and sustainability.


The motto of the brand is “shoes with a good sole” because a good foot mattress is as important as a good bed mattress. Sven wants his customers to experience the ultimate in comfort.

Po-Zu abides by the Ethical Trading Initiative Code of Practice.

The brand is also certified by the Ethical Company Organisation as a company that upholds human rights and animal welfare, and works to protect the environment.

Po-Zu collection is not yet fully vegan but most of its shoes are and Sven wants to phase out leather entirely in the coming years.

I leave you discover the whole collection for yourself on

Po-Zu is definitively a brand that vegans can shop.


Click on the picture below to listen to the interview of Sven and Safia. The recording is in English with French Sub-titles. The script is available below the video recording. 

Sven: My Name is Sven, I’m the founder and CEO of Po-Zu footwear

Safia: Hi, I’m Safia Minney, I’m founder and director of People Tree and recently joined Po-Zu, the sustainable footwear brand as managing director.

Sven: Po-Zu means PAUSE in Japanese and the idea behind pause is in line with slow living, so slow fashion, and slow shoes. Yes, pause is chill out so because our shoes are so comfortable you can just chill in them.

Safia: I think one of the reasons that I was passionate about joining Po-Zu is because I’ve struggled during the last twenty years to find ethical and sustainable footwear. And this is a brand that really carries the same purist values, their passion for sustainable materials and production technics and respect to the workers tat make the products in the same way that I set up People Tree with. And for me it’s always been about how can I do, top to toe, ethical fashion. So it’s fantastic to have this opportunity now to work with Sven, to help strengthen the collection, at the same time strengthen the distribution and the brand. And also the advocacy work we are doing to really be a catalyst to change our footwear and ethical fashion are made.

Sven: So what’s unique about Po-Zu. In terms of materials and the way the shoes are made, I think it’s a combination of both things. So we have our coconut fibre foot mattress, which is actually the way how we started. This is the hard of our shoes. It’s made of coconut fibre and natural latex. And we have several different materials that we use, we use cork for the uppers, the soles are made from natural latex. We use organic cotton and we use pinatex, which is an amazing new material alternative to leather made from the pineapple leaves. And the other things is the way we make the shoes: we avoid the use of glue so we stich all the shoe together and which is basically design for being disassembled so the shoe can be taken apart at the end of its life in order to reuse or recycle the different components.

Safia: Spring, I always wear ethical fashion, organic cotton, fair-traded from People Tree, or vintage or other friend designers. I have chosen these as my favourite shoes because of the pinatex fibre. I really love it, I love the heel because I’m quite small and I just adore this shoe. It’s really flattering, very easy for dresses. And this one. I can be commuting and running around Portugal wearing this shoe. It’s a great summer shoe and so flexible and easy to pack. So yes, really comfortable!


Sven: Well we are currently collaborating with Star Wars, which is pretty amazing for us as you can imagine for a tiny little brand. We have an entire range of co-branded Star Wars and Po-Zu. Some of them are vegan. So this shoe for instance is made from organic cotton. It’s called the Resistance. We have Chewie, which is based on the Chewbacca character, which is also vegan, made from faux-fur.

And yes, the collection will be out this August.




A large part of our collection is vegan but not entirely so we do use some leather and the reason being is that, so far the development of truly sustainable alternatives to leather hasn’t been very eco …ecological ; so those of alternatives to leather that I used, using petroleum based substances, which arguably is not more sustainable than real leather if it tanned in a low impact way.

I mean it’s an all-big debate and as these materials are evolving and becoming more sustainable, you know such as the pinatex, we are constantly on the look out of the latest development in this field and I would personally love to phase out leather entirely hopefully in the next five years.

Safia: It’s very easy to buy Po-Zu. Please visit us on line Po-Zu and come on have a look at what we have. Also you can see films about the production, about the exciting things happening.

We are a small company dedicated to the space of sustainable fashion and I think you want to join us in this movement.