Choose the right shoes!

Asics sports shoes with no “L” are suitable for vegans

I do sports almost every day to stay – sorry – for trying to stay on top form. I run, I play squash and I do some workouts as well. Every time it is very important for me to wear good shoes. To do so I did a quick search on various sport brands. I definitely think that Asics is one of the best. The shoes look really amazing and they are extremely light and comfortable. I have bought those above. They are awesome for playing squash!

However, sellers seem always surprised when you ask for shoes without leather. For them, this need doesn’t seem to be a key factor that can decide a sale. They kindly check with you the label while at the same time learning about the composition of shoes.

Actually the vast majority of Asics models are without leather. You can check their website to confirm that there is no “L” (meaning leather) in the product code.