A brand, a day: today with Zadig & Voltaire


Zadig and Voltaire is a luxurious French brand launched in 1977. The name was taken from the novel “Zadig, or The Book of Fate” by the enlightenment philosopher Voltaire. The brand positions itself in the rock spirit and bohemian style. Indeed, the clothes radiate energy and highlight an urban allure that I particularly love. So, with each new collection, the same question keeps coming up: what can a vegan wear from Zadig and Voltaire?

It was with great excitement that I went to the two-floor store in Mayfair yesterday to check out the Spring collection. Firstly, I would like to thank the sales team for their warm welcome and their interest in my approach, questioning the kind of  materials I was looking for and gathering suitable pieces for me. In this post I’ll only show the clothes that I have checked for myself even if most of the time I use the official commercial pictures….I’m actually not very good at photography :(.

Nevertheless, I am pleased to report that the collection is once again gorgeous and that a vast majority of the pieces don’t feature any animal products. Zadig and Voltaire is a high-quality ready-to-wear brand so don’t be surprised by the prices.

First and foremost, the brand is known for its tops: t-shirts, sweaters and blouses. As usual, there are plenty of t-shirts 100% cotton, oversized and super rock. There are the classics that can be found year-round. Most of them feature a skull, the cult symbol of the brand. And there are the new ones with the message of the season, which this time around is LOVE! From £55 to £80, you’ll be spoilt for choice!


This season, the dominant color seems to be khaki green. This colour is everywhere, in the sweaters as well as in a lovely army overshirt with badges and embroidered details at £250 and in a green-brown camouflage mini skirt at £105, both of them 100% cotton. The knit sweaters, 100% made in cotton, are just wonderful, super soft, large and fluid with prices around £150. To be worn for reinforcing the rock & roll allure. I heard a girl saying that here were her “bad-ass girl favourite looks”!


Anyway, the bohemian spirit of the brand is also present, reflected through the dresses (£190) and the shirts (£120), fluid, light, feminine with floral prints, 100% viscose. I found two delicate and romantic camisoles in cotton and viscose at £87 that could be combined with jeans for a distinctive style, completely rock & roll.


The scarves of the Spring collection are soft and in vivid colours, all of them with printed skulls and 100% modal; they would perfectly complete a Spring outfit suitable for vegans.



For the trousers, it’s a different story. Be careful with the jeans designed by Zadig and Voltaire. They all have a leather brand label on the back despite a description giving them as 100% cotton on the website. Only a legging  in synthetic fabrics at £325 and a camouflage pyjama-style pants 100% cotton  at £105 are suitable because neither of them have a leather label. The camouflage trousers were displayed with a shirt in the same print for £125.



Surprisingly, the brand describes some of its clothes as being in crêpe. In fact, it’s just to refer to the external look. The clothing doesn’t feature wool at all. They are 100% viscose. So you can also add a wonderful and feminine jacket, mimicing crêpe with an amazing fit. That one with a big LOVE on the back is a pure marvel (£215).

In this post, I haven’t mentioned all the clothes suitable for vegans stocked in the Mayfair boutique. There are even more in the whole collection available online and in the other stores. So, I leave you discover the rest of the collection for yourself. Enjoy and let me know what your favourites are!