Keep the watch, just change the strap!

Get rid of your leather watch strap and go with silicone

My husband gave me a watch before I was a vegan. A beautiful watch indeed but no longer possible for me to wear with its genuine leather strap.

So I decided to keep the watch and change the strap.

In reality it was not that easy to do so. The brand, not really known for its vegan sympathies, doesn’t propose any substitute for its leather straps. Most of the replacement watch straps proposed in the market are obviously awful, in leather and if metallic in an improper width (15mm in my case).

I finally came up with this beautiful orange silicone watch strap. Connoisseurs will agree with the choice 😉 I found it on Amazon. Hadley-Roma, an American watch attachments company, presents a couple of models in silicone, rubber, PVC and polyurethane.

So now you know for your old valuables that you can keep the watch, just change the strap.