Chic and urban bags by Magnethik


I like large and soft bags where I can put all my stuff, my phone, my keys, my tissues, my notebooks, my MacBook, and which I can carry on my shoulder. A bag is an intimate object. It follows us everywhere. It contains an essential part of our lives. When it comes to choosing one, I need to fall in love and I had a huge crush on the Magnethik’s bags.

The first time I met Fabienne, the creator of the brand Magnethik, it was last year at the Veggie World in Paris. We just had a quick chat. I found her bags superb and I promised I would come back to see her.

This time, I made a real appointment and Fabienne was kind enough to welcome me to her home in Paris and show me her collection.

Fabienne is vegan for animals and for the environment. She launched a collection in 2015 because she could not find any bags that suited her. So she embarked on an adventure and what an adventure!

Fabienne does not come from the fashion world. She is a former journalist. But since she was little, she has adored drawing. So her big challenge was not to draw the bags. She knew exactly what she wanted. No, the big challenge was to find materials that respect the environment and to assemble all the necessary components for manufacturing and producing bags: suppliers, model maker, craft workshops …



Fabienne’s bags are 100% vegan. They are “PETA approved”. The exterior is a soft polyurethane material that has a GreenGuard label. This label guarantees a recycling of more than 99% of the solvents during manufacturing, that is to say that nothing remains in the air or in the water. It also guarantees a very low emission rate of organic compounds. It does not contain heavy metals, phthalate, biphenyl or any carcinogenic or endocrine disrupting products beyond a threshold considered to be hazardous to health

The inner lining is made with an organic cotton, a denim that is labelled GOTS and which guarantees fibres from organic farming and also respects social and ethical criteria.

Fabienne officially presented her bags for the first time at the VeggieWorld in Paris in April 2016. Initially, her customers were exclusively vegan but now Magnethik reaches a much wider audience. Sales dramatically increased at Christmas and especially because a large number of men, not necessarily vegan, chose to gift their companions a nice ethical bag.

Fabienne will be present at the Premiere Salon, which is the exhibition for fashion accessories within fashion week.

Today the collection is comprised of the signature model, Paris Chéri, a large bag carried on the shoulder. There is also a satchel, a purse that was the best seller of the season, the evening bag and small pouches matching the big bags that can be put in them but also carried alone.


The brand is young and works well. The material fulfils its promises. Fabienne is very proud to have had no returns since she launched her brand a year ago.

Her 2017 target is to export her bags to England, Germany and the United States and perhaps also to expand her collection to include a men’s range.

Fabienne Pomi’s bags are gorgeous, cruelty free and environmentally friendly, so for your next purchase think Magnethik!