Allure Sauvage, an eco-friendly, stylishness and cruelty-free handbag brand!

Photograph credit Allure Sauvage

Natacha is 25 years old. She has a taste for beautiful things and the ecology. Vegetarian for ages, she describes herself as a vegan in transition. It is because of her sensitivity to the environment that she has chosen to go on this journey.

She is a fan of recycling and zero waste. But ecological does not mean without style! Natacha is a stylish ecologist. For a long time, she looked for bags that would fit her lifestyle. She did not want leather, plastic, or any accessories made on the other side of the planet. But she found nothing. Therefore, she decided to launch her own brand.

Natacha is not a designer. She has a Bachelor’s degree in hospitality management from the École hôtelière de Lausanne. She, therefore, contacted the École cantonale d’Art de Lausanne, a university of art and design, which put her in touch with Selena, a young French woman, also 25, who was finishing her master’s degree.

Selena likes luxury, craft and is in touch with nature. She is also a high-level athlete who rows in competition. When she was younger, she made horse riding. She turned vegetarian then vegan when she realised that people could also eat horse meat.

Immediately the two young women got along very well and decided to associate. “The Peacock Lady” is a capsule collection of only 50 pieces that allies Nature and the Humankind. Selena drew a woman with a naked torso who wears a peacock as a hair. She was inspired by Fauvism and especially Matisse. She also referred to the canvases of le douanier Rousseau.

For the material, the young entrepreneurs decided on Piñatex®, a fabric made from pineapple leaf fibre. They were lucky. Piñatex® generally only provides well-established brands. But the project of Natacha and Selena seduced them; then Piñatex® agreed to supply them. However, they did not have the choice of colour. It was paprika, the colour of the last production batch.

Photograph credit Allure Sauvage

The manufacture of the bags is done by Créature, a sewing workshop based in Geneva. The workshop was created in 2011 by the association SOS Femmes and helps the socio-professional insertion of women. The workshop is well known for its know-how and its ecological commitment. It has already won the cantonal prize for sustainable development. By choosing Créature, Natacha and Selena thus mark their desire to produce locally, while integrating a social and environmental dimension.

The Peacock Lady designed by Selena is embroidered on the flap of the bags.This is the first time a designer uses embroidery on Piñatex®. The young stylist told me about the challenge that it represents to make luxury with a raw material such as Piñatex®. But the result is there: a superb collection of practical little bags, with a sophisticated look, to wear as a clutch or with an adjustable strap.

Photograph credit Allure Sauvage

In fact, much more than a collection, it’s a concept. Natacha and Selena show us that it is possible to do gorgeous, cruelty-free, socially responsible and, environmentally friendly bags, at a reasonable price! These young women embody a new generation of committed entrepreneurs that the world so badly needs.

“The Peacock Woman” collection has been available since November 16 on Kickstarter, so for your next purchase think Allure Sauvage.

Photograph credit Allure Sauvage