A kitchen garden at home


On the 8th October I was in Paris for the second occasion of the VeggieWorld. The exhibition was awesome with so many stands and a joyful crowd of vegans and curious. I met with green entrepreneurs Lou and Solene who were there to present their indoor garden Fresh Square.

Here is the video interview in French with English subtitles.

You can order a Fresh Square online!

Here are the links to the Facebook page  and to the website.


Hi, my name is Lou, I’m 26 years old.

Hi, Solene Guere, 28 years old.

Do you want to start? Okay. Let’s go

The idea behind Fresh Square is to build the easiest kitchen garden while keeping an organic soil. So we target all the people who want to have healthier food, and a more varied diet as well because we grow a range of plants that are not always readily available fresh in the supermarkets.

It is possible to grow lettuces, cherry tomatoes, herbs, spinach, baby carrots, a full range of nice things. In a fresh square, there may be up to 12 plants. And then we can stack the fresh squares. So finally on a single column we could have up to 48 plants.

The customers we target are those who want to take a first step to grow their own food without thinking they are able to do so themselves; whether they travel a lot, and in this case the 3-week autonomy is really useful, or they think they aren’t green thumbed.

So we facilitate the experience to grow food at home and with an app we allow them to understand how it works.

In terms of maintenance, it’s really easy. The only thing to do is to choose what you want to grow, to insert a refill of seeds and compost, to add water every 3 weeks, and that’s it. It’s really easy.

To fund the Fresh Square development, we are conducting a crowd funding campaign. This means that we ask everyone to pre-order the Fresh Square and receive it 8 months later. This campaign takes place for one month. We are already halfway through. This will end on the 25th of October so Go Go Go This is the time to do it!

Now the crowd funding campaign is over but the venture continues. You can order a Fresh Square directly on line by clicking here.