A brand, a day: Today with Whistles


I recently stumbled upon an article on the preferred fashion brands of the Duchess of Cambridge and I read that Whistles makes up a large part of her daily wardrobe. Because I’m French and I have been in London for only 3 years I’m not so familiar with the English ready-to-wear brands. So I decided to explore the world of English women’s fashion and went to South Molton to check out the spring collection of Whistles.

I went there with confidence after having read a few articles on the brand’s history and its CEO Jane Shepherdson. Before joining Whistles in 2008, she was known for having transformed Topshop from tacky to one of the trendiest brands on the high street. Furthermore, she spent a stint doing voluntary work for Oxfam and advising the ethical fashion label, People Tree. Today, Whistles is one of the all-too-rare brands that advertises on its website its responsibility in terms of respect for workers’ rights, environmental sustainability and animal welfare. Whistles is not completely vegan as the brand still uses wool, leather and silk however, a large proportion of the spring collection doesn’t feature any of these materials.

Jane Shepherdson describes the Whistles as a brand “for contemporary women who want fashion but don’t necessarily want to slavishly follow trends”. I would not exactly say the same thing. The brand is a mix of chic casual and trendy classic with a marked British look.

The on-trend clothes are the sleeveless tops, the lace dresses and the jumpsuits, all of them made from cotton, viscose or polyester with elegant and flattering cuts.


The cropped trousers also seem to be a must-have of the new season. They are both relaxed and feminine, designed to flatter any body shape. The brand displays a large selection, some are monochrome, others striped. They are made of a mix of acetate and viscose.  They should be worn with a bold and oversized blouse and paired with a simple sandal for a gorgeous  look.

Whistles_croppedtrousers_galleryOtherwise, the classics by Whistles are their printed dresses with a trendy touch for spring: stripes are everywhere; wide or narrow, horizontal, vertical and even diagonally, there are stripes for every taste.

On the basement floor, the shop stocks a beautiful bunch of dresses ideal for evening events. A fluid dress caught my eye. It’s available in different colours: pink pale, red or navy. Its shape is particularly flattering.



The basement is also home to a lot of beautiful jackets with elegant and classic shapes, ideal to wear at work. Most of them are in viscose and synthetic fibres and can be combined with the matching trousers. DefinitivelyWhistles is geared to active, urban and chic women.

As usual, this review is just an overview of the collection. I haven’t mentioned all the clothes suitable for vegans stocked in the South Molton boutique. So, I leave you discover the rest of the collection for yourself. It could take a bit of time, the vast majority of clothes are free from animal cruelty. Whistles is a brand that vegans can shop.