A brand, a day: today with Paul & Joe men’s collection


When I went to 28 Bruton Street at Mayfair, I checked out not only the women’s collection but also that of men to find out what would be suitable for vegan men.

Like the rest of the collection, it’s young, colourful, fancy and elegant .

There are lots of lovely things that a vegan man can shop: bright t-shirts, in a mix of cotton and modal, perfect when combined with a tencel overshirt; printed shirts in cotton to be worn with a bomber 100% cruelty-free. There is no leather brand label on the back of the jeans. Paul & Joe is definitively a brand that a vegan man can shop!

I haven’t checked everything but I selected a few pieces just to show you what can be mixed and matched.

Paul & Joe men's collection


The super good news is the amazing suit 97% cotton and 3% elastane. Yes, you did hear right! A cruelty-free suit 100% suitable for vegans with plastic buttons. The jacket is £415 and the trousers are £225. Not so expensive!

On top of that, the suit comes in different colours: beige and navy, although I only saw it  in beige when I was looking at the collection in store.

In the same colour and from the same material, I also saw an elegant trench coat that would be perfect for Spring!

FYI, some of the pieces displayed in store aren’t shown on the Paul & Joe’s website. However, you can find all of them on the Boutique 1 website.

So gentlemen, you can shop the Paul & Joe men’s Spring collection, there are plenty of beautiful and stylish clothes for you.