A brand, A day: today with Maje


On my last outing, I visited 148 Sloane Street to check out the French ready-to-wear brand Maje an see which pieces would be suitable for vegans in the spring/summer collection.

Maje was launched in 2000 by Judith Milgrom who chose the brand’s name by combining the initials of the first names of her beloved children and her husband. At that time, no brands offered clothing between the luxury and the mass market. The company achieved rapid success, and today there are more than 150 shops in France, and abroad.

Maje is geared to active young women. Maje’s signature is a subtle mix of femininity and simplicity with lots of sharp details. A chic Parisian bohemian aesthetic, which Marion Cotillard and Vanessa Paradis are fans of. Me too!

The spring collection is really beautiful and displays a lot of  cruelty-free pieces. This season, I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity of fabrics, beyond the obvious cotton and viscose.

I found jackets made in synthetic textiles comparable to a Bouclé, a look I believed forbidden for vegans; you know the same as the Chanel suit. The Basket Weave Jacket exists in blue and in red. It’s perfect for a Haute Couture look.

In addition, Maje stocks several pretty jackets and coats. It’s easier to find warm cruelty-free clothes in spring collections than Winter. I strongly recommend my fellow vegans purchase their coats and jackets now and wear them in winter. As vegans, we should be forward-looking and anticipate the cold season!

As every year in its spring collection, Maje displays a large range of lovely little tops made in a mix of cotton, viscose and other synthetic textiles, at very reasonable prices. Most of them are suitable for vegans but not all of them, so don’t forget to check the clothing label carefully. It’s also good to know that Maje’s jeans and trousers don’t feature a leather brand label on the back and that the buttons are all in plastic. So you can mix and match numerous tops and bottoms to suit your mood.


I can’t finish my post without a few words about the dresses. You will see for yourself the light cotton and viscose dresses. I would like to show you a few pieces that are completely cruelty-free and, once again, made in mixed fabrics of cotton and synthetic material looking wool-like material. These dresses are displayed in the spring collection but, they could just as easy be worn in winter with a pair of tights and a jacket. For £150 to £250, you can buy now a beautiful spring dress that you will wear in Winter as well.



I haven’t mentioned all the clothes suitable for vegans stocked in the Sloane boutique. So, I leave you discover the rest of the collection for yourself. But definitively the spring/summer Maje collection is gorgeous and full of cruelty-free clothes. A brand that vegans can shop!


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