A brand, a day: today with Ba&sh


Today I went to South Molton Street to check out the new Spring/Summer collection of Ba&sh and to see which pieces would be suitable for vegans. Ba&sh is a French brand for women only, simple and chic, that reflects the style of its two creators Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief. In 2003, these two childhood friends decided to design the perfect wardrobe with clothes they would want to wear everyday.

The Ba&sh style is a subtle mix of femininity and simplicity with a line that is, at the same time, modern and romantic. Ba&sh has grown rapidly and is now considered a “must have” in the world of fashion. The store in Mayfair has been open for 3 months now. I was made to feel very welcome by the team and especially by Dawn, who I would like to particularly thank.


The new collection is not completely in store for the moment. The Winter sales will continue till the end of next week. However, what is already displayed is absolutely beautiful. Lots of viscose and light cotton. Lots of prints as well. I can testify that it’s just impossible to recognise the difference between viscose and silk without having a look on the label.

There are numerous unicoloured tops, fluid and 100% viscose, sold between £115 and £140.


In addition to the khaki, one of the dominant colours for this summer seems to be rust-red. It comes in a selection of oversized shirts, short and long dresses 100% viscose once again. From left below, the long dress is £220, the shirt £160 and the short dress £180.  For the record, Ba&sh prices its clothes at the same level wherever they are sold. There’s no point in going in France to shop the brand!


This summer jumpsuit resistance is futile. They come in different colours and fabrics. Casual or dressy, there is one for everyone’s taste. The rust-coloured below, at £230, is completely in viscose, perfect for the evening. The white jumpsuit, more urban, is made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, at £290. Another one does exist that looks casual with long sleeves, 100% cotton, at £240.

I had a very pleasant surprise with trousers and jeans. Ba&sh doesn’t use a brand leather label on the back of its jeans. No need for animal cruelty to display the trade mark. Jeans are available from £140 to £200. The brand stocks a few trousers appropriate for work as well. Skinny or flare, they are always fitted. The black ones below, 100% polyester at £180, are perfect to dress up.


I would like to finish this post with the knitted cotton coats. Ecru, navy or rust, they are just beautiful to warm up a little bit more while awaiting the end of Winter.


This is just an overview of the collection. I’ve not mentioned or checked everything. However, I think that almost 70% of Ba&sh’s Spring/Summer collection is free from animal cruelty and therefore suitable for vegans. A brand that vegans can shop!

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