For more than 20 years, I worked in the banking industry. I met some good people and real bastards. I handled a lot of interesting projects and others that did not make any sense. At the end, they were all about rationalisation and outsourcing. Cold and technical words to fire while trying to feel oneself innocent. Employees become simple numbers in Excel files. Those who remain take advantage of the vacuum left to optimise their career, disinvest from the background and erase in themselves all traces of empathy. I preferred to resign.

Today, I’m a vegan blogger. In fact, I became vegan 4 years ago. One day when I was on my Facebook thread, I randomly stumbled upon a video online depicting cruelty against animals. Usually, I avoided this kind of content but that day I decided to look at it. I thought I was ready to face the brutality of the images. This was an absolute shock, far beyond what I had been able to imagine.

I cried; cried for animals’ suffering and also for  man’s cruelty.

I became vegan instantaneously. The very idea of ​​eating a piece of meat again makes me sick to my stomach. I see dead animals everywhere, in shoes, handbags, leather jackets and fur collars. Veganism changed not only my diet, it’s transformed my relationship to things, to people, to animals, to nature. At this time, I also discovered yoga and meditation.

I became fully conscious in the world; it is true happiness.

To some extent, my blog is my travel book. It relates my experience of awareness by plunging into the heart of the world that changes for the better, carried by the vegan culture. You will find news, interviews, community events, latest trends, and opinion debates.

I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I do writing it!

PS: Just a word about my English. Actually, I’m French. When I relocated to London in December 2012 my English was really rubbish. That is why I spent my first year studying English For Academic Purpose at UCL, so now my English has improved, but it can sometimes be a little old fashioned for the internet world! Thank you for reading me anyway…